How Emotionally Strong Are You? This Is What Your Zodiac Says


7. Libra

Happiness is a conscious choice that every Libran makes every day because they know if they do not focus on their happiness, nobody else will. Even when hit with a wave of sadness, they will keep a happy face until they feel it on the inside.


8. Scorpio

You know your value and you will never undermine yourself in any way. You know what you do and are doing and do not spend much time second guessing yourself because you are certain that you are right most of the time.


9. Sagittarius

Fitting into the crowd is not really your thing; you are more about going against the grain even if that means that people judge you from time to time. You are okay with judgement because there is a comfort you feel just by being yourself that you would not give away for anything. Some looks never bothered you anyway.


10. Capricorn

There are a limited number of days that we have on this planet and a Capricorn makes sure to live it up no matter what. They have things to do and food to eat and places to go; be rest assured that they are not stopping. They look at every day as a new opportunity to live like it is their last day. This approach lets them find happiness in every day.


11. Aquarius

The rule with you is that you will always follow your heart, do what makes you the happiest and that is definitely a great way to live. You know that you do not owe anyone anything so you do not really shy away from doing things that people ask you not to do. It is your life and you are going to live it your way, no matter what other people say.


12. Pisces

You like to let things go because you know that holding on to things never made anyone happy. You would much rather sort things out with everyone that you might have a problem with than marinate in the negativity that holding a grudge brings along with it. Letting go of the pain is the first step towards happiness and no one knows that better than you.

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How Emotionally Strong Are You This Is What Your Zodiac Says