How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Themselves In Love

8. Scorpio:


Open strong and let your ‘inner funny’ direct the conversation; then, refuse to ask the boring, usual questions that most people ask. Even when you’re flirting with a partner you’ve been with for ages, you’re sure to keep some kick in the interaction.


9. Sagittarius:


From your hair to your shoes, and your walk to your voice, you’ll take the time, care and expense to make sure your choices are working for you. When you’re secure in the impression you’re making, you’ll feel free to let your inner self shine.


10. Capricorn:


One minute you’re complimenting them, the next your hinting at their weaknesses. You pour on the attention, then walk away and ignore him for a while. They won’t know what’s coming next, and you’ll love his rapt anticipation.

11. Aquarius:


Your global mindset is sexy. You see yourself as part of the human family, so you keep aware of hot issues and communal happenings. You know where the fun crowd is going to be, and that’s where you create summer romance.


12. Pisces:


Like an intimidating roller coaster, sometimes the romance ride has too many severe ups and down qualify as fun. Take a break from exciting tactics to try a little tenderness. It’s just what the world – and your object of affection – needs.


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The Way In Which Each Zodiac Sign Handles Themselves In Love

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