How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts

How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts

11. Aquarius (21 January- 18 February)

An Aquarius would use their intellect to attract someone

An Aquarius would use their intellect to attract someone. They will challenge their crush on an intellectual level to showcase their interest.

Aquarians are highly intelligent zodiac signs. They get attracted to people who are unusual like them. For them flirting is all about telling their crush about their uncommon interests. An Aquarian is calculative in nature. They always attract people by their uniqueness and enigmatic aura. They are adept at flirting. Aquarius always try to make physical contact. For them, the intellectual side of their crush matters the most. They will go to any length to show their affection for you if they really like you. An Aquarian notices the smallest detail about their crush.

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12. Pisces (19 February- 20 March)

Pisces crave deep connections

Pisces crave deep connections. Though not very good at flirting their vulnerability and genuinity gets the attention they seek.

A Piscean talks about dreams, fantasies, and fairytales with your crush. As they are the most imaginative zodiac sign, they are always living in their own land of fairytales. They do not like to make the first move. They are shy, sensitive and seductive and you easily reveal it when they flirt. They are spontaneous in their moves. They are very open about themselves. Pisces believe in baring out in front of their crush. They are honest and equally mysterious. A Piscean makes deep connections with their crush. They can be easily seen through their conversations. Being open and accepting is the key to their flirting game.

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