How Awareness Turned Paradox

She meets new people everyday… they see something in her and she sees something in them but they don’t see each other. They see what they need from her and she sees their weaknesses but when she speaks of her needs, they don’t know what to do with it. 

It is as though she has come to a point of awareness and fulfillment that no man can stretch his arena to contain her and she will always consciously and voluntarily shrink herself to fit within their aura!

She wanted everything but needed only the bare minimum… yet her bare minimum was way too much for them to conceive of. It was difficult for anyone to make sense of her genuine open speech about partnership, acceptance, containment and consistency as much as it was hard for them to believe she is actually for real! 

It was a never ending emotional paradox of her looking at someone with hope while all she gets was their uncertainty denying her numerous attempts to make the best of all she has got and willingly grant it to them. 

It was the pain of holding on to her childlike aspirations for a life ahead that gave her strength to not only contain herself but also everyone else who failed to contain her! 

She loves her life… the life she made, fought for, chose, took on and displayed… and while she saw a whole other life ahead of her, they only saw her past! 

It was wrecking the atoms of her heart to be in a world that conspires to lock her up in her past while she intensively and vigorously lives the present for the future of her vivid intuitive vision. 

It was hard to live amongst those who could see as deep as her crust while she was the core of all the truth they seek but dare not embrace and make their own. 

She ached because they were unable to receive what the universe was sending them through her! 


And what is her after all if not a vessel of utter unconditional love to the warriors who would acknowledge and obtain her! 


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