21 july 2018 daily prediction

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General Daily Predictions for 21 July, 2018

Today, the Moon steps closer to Aquarius, where in few days the powerful Blood Moon occurs. However, it is still today in Scorpio. Day by day, the influence of the Solar Eclipse fades away.

Today, a new powerful influence dominates the night sky. 

Venus from Virgo forms a sextile with Jupiter from Scorpio giving us a huge feedback of magical energy, ready to magically help us achieve so much more! 

The Moon is still in Scorpio is a chance for spiritual awakening and it will help us tap into the energy of our instincts and magical powers. During the next couple of days, our spiritual powers will be enhanced and all magical forces will be more active than usual.

NOTE: Remember that the energy of the Eclipse affects us AT LEAST 13 day before and after the Eclipse. This is why as we already told you, this is one of the most powerful weeks of 2018. 

As also discussed, the Moon in Scorpio, will try to help us broaden our magical awareness. It will also help us get in touch with the secret forces that move us. Libido will be enhanced and sexual intercourses will seem much more meaningful.

Finally, as also discussed in previous Daily Predictions, Venus will remain in Virgo intensifying every healing progress while giving us a unique chance to send love to Mother Nature. Remember, during this week, miraculous cures may be discovered.

Today, from this place, the Moon will favor Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – primarily, while also Virgo and Capricorn will feel this influence.

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