Hope Is The Demon That Ties Us To Our Past

Hope Is The Demon That Ties Us To Our Past

“Hope is the demon that ties us to our past. The longer hope stays, The longer we dwell. To kill all lingering memories an thoughts, kill hope. If hope is dead, an attachment is dead, and only then can we move on.”

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26 thoughts on “Hope Is The Demon That Ties Us To Our Past”

  1. This saying reminds me of a scripture which essentially says, "hope deferred can make a heart grow (weak) sick." How I think about HOPE and having hope and of the saying is…too often we live out our lives hoping and praying without active intention. We rely on hope to bring us that chance, that change, that opportunity for our dreams to be realized. Sometimes this is through what we "hope" others can bring or give to us. And at others, it's hoping situations shift around so we have to be less flexible with our own thinking. On the other hand, having hope ~ can bring more optimism and in many cases actualize what couldn't be – had we not stayed on the positive and more affirming side of things. So with HOPE and of having it …there are two sides of the coin. Two faces of it…one can be limiting and the other, life sustaining.

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