Home Of The Heart

Home Of The Heart

He loved her a lot and never wanted to let her go but her heart was waiting at another man’s door.

Her heart skipped so many beats at this man’s hello

Her heart was his ever since she met him first.

How stubborn of her heart to not care about any other man.

Walking on the teachings of her heart she doesn’t know what the future would hold.

All she cares about is this man who shares his clothes, food and smile with her even though he is broken inside.

She cares about this man who kisses and caresses her  while she sits and smiles on his lap even though he is in pain he just had his legs day a day before.

Her heart is away no longer with her therefore no other man can own it anymore ask for anything else she would give to you with a smile don’t ask her for her heart for it has after long found the place where it belongs.

–By Joshna Tandel

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