Home is where…..

Home is where.....

63 thoughts on “Home is where…..”

  1. where you have people who understands you
    where one is not busy with their own
    but like to talk to others and discuss things Good and Bad
    where you can live freely, environment full of love
    where you are close to nature , peace and Divine
    where parent are more than like friends , not authoritative

  2. Home is where I feel like I can be my true self. It doesn’t really have to be a house where my family and everything I hold dear is…it’s a place where I feel free.

  3. Home is not a place, defined precisely and located, bounded by walls and having windows and doors. Home is not an entity but a feeling. A feeling of security, comfort, peace and belonging. Home is where your heart finds all of these, whether it finds it in a soul or in solitude, in books, in garden or in your room.

  4. Home is where you r loved so deeply. You r cared so intensively.it is place where you laugh , make a joy, celebrate each day as a special occasion.it is a place where you stay with your spouse so peacefully.your spouse , your best companion is with you always .in short whatever you have desired in dreams , it is a place to make them true.home is a place where you pray your God with your family.your spouse.

  5. Home is my castle, the ivory tower of dreams.
    My beautiful space to create and chill..
    Home is my haven away from societies bullshit.
    Home is my peace.

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