She is looking at the hands of the clock circling in motions

With the occasional buzz of the platform and commotions

Her spectacles zoom to read a novel

Her concentration now seems to wobble

Her mind switches off  for a daydream

Hope she finds it soon when her eyes will literally gleam

But her destiny is far and far away through parallel rail track

Until then her dream is just a wax.

Her forbearance was tested again

All her life she struggled through with a little rain

Sometimes she finds herself alone in the midst of the crowd

But her aspirations was never bowed

The journey zooms past the silhouettes of the faces she left behind

And the old faces she would soon find

Sometimes she meets good people through the travel

Sharing experiences and much more things to unravel

Yet she knows no matter how the bittersweet experiences would be

She will pass through each one of them you see

She would have the big smile

After traveled for  a thousand mile

After all, a home is a home

No matter people call it sickness or syndrome.


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