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 February 04, 2016

The connection in the last myth, to the one with King Arthur, is what caught my attention a few days ago. You can see how the message is the same, only in different context! It’s great!

Now, for the last one.

This myth is of Indra.
Who one day defeats an evil demon that has stolen all the waters of the world. By remembering that he had a chest of lightning bolts.
As the story goes on, Indra, proud of his victory thinks to himself, ”How good am I, I shall build myself the largest and most beautiful palace of all!”
He then hires another god to build him this palace, but every time he comes to have a look, he wants it bigger and better.
Eventually the god in charge thinks (and i’m paraphrasing here) ”Shit. We’re both immortal, and his desires are endless, this will never stop.”
So goes to the God of all Gods, Brahma, for help. He’s told not to worry about it. And again, i’m paraphrasing slightly here.

One day Brahma, in disguise, appears at the palace, and meeting Indra tells him that truly, this is a palace as no Indra before him has ever built.
You can kind of already understand that something isn’t really right in that statement, to which Indra asks about as they walk up to a massive ant-trail passing them, Brahma laughs and Indra becomes anxious and asks him what is he laughing at.
”Do not ask, if you do not wish to be hurt.”says Brahma.
He then learns that there have been countless Indras before him And each of them, just as he, defeats the demon and thinks that they are good, thus rewarding themselves. That is when they fall and begin again. One after the other. They are born, and they die. They fight, win and forget, only to start over. Brahma, sleeping on the lotus petal, opens his eyes and the world comes into being, he closes his eyes and it ceases. Then he opens them again.

I learned to accept that there are battles happening within us, demons fighting it out, different conflicting energies, that must be brought into balance.
We are all unique and yet we feel the same, and that makes living so beautiful! We go through this together, so without even meeting, we share something already. It’s fucking bananas.

And we constantly overcome and learn.
That’s what it’s all about, you understand how to work with a certain energy. As the demon that stole the waters is the energy that steals your life; you are Indra, having with him the tools to deal with this all the time. You don’t have lightning bolts, but you got something, that mojo!

Then, clouded over by pride and ego’s whispers, you forget what got you to where you are, what brought that vibration up to that level, so you let go and fall back into older patterns that haven’t been completely changed yet.

”How good am I, I’ll build that palace now and chill.”

Don’t forget! Do not forget where you were heading, you were making your way towards your self, on your path, keep at it.
The journey has to be continued right away, you do not do it for the rewards, but out of duty, duty for Truth. Let the divine spark within you speak and create, out of creation’s sake, not for personal gain! Nature does not and will not tolerate that shit.

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