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 February 04, 2016

Campbell, in one of his many lectures, told a story from King Arthur’s round table days.
He goes on to say that the King and his men were seated at the round table, discussing, eating, drinking, or whatever it is they did at that time, when the Holy Grail suddenly appeared before them all. It’s beauty held all the men in rapture and admiration. Only then to disappear.

Gawain stands up and proposes that they all team up and go looking for the Grail. It draws them all back towards it. The reaction of the other knights was priceless. They immediately found the idea to be shameful, for to go together would be to miss the whole point of the journey.
They believed that if they were all to enter into a forest in search of the holy object, they had to do so each from their own entry. The darkest and toughest directions had to be chosen by each one, for then, they knew, they were to truly live and learn.

This story shows how fundamental it is to our happiness’ that we walk our own paths. We must first find them of course, but that only happens once you begin to look. And it’s great, it’s such a long journey, one that’s been lasting more than just this one lifetime, with each new life, we have to remember and feel what makes us happy. It is only by looking within can we begin understand these things.

Another myth, also of the Grail, speaks of the neutral angels bringing down the holy thing from the heavens as God battles Lucifer.
They’re neutral, within duality, and when you look, you can see the connection between your more positive energies acting in conflict with your less-so positive ones. The middle bit, which is where the ‘neutral’ angels come in, is where it’s at. When you find that point of balance in your life, where the two sides are merging into one, is when you have achieved a certain oneness with all.
The Holy Grail stood to signify that which is within, it meant to show the bliss that can only come from following that which brings you yourself into One. That which completes you, and when you begin to mull over which factors bring you a sense of living a fulfilled life, it pulls you in! You’ll find yourself in your authentic swing!

”Nature’s impulses give authenticity to life.”
We are Nature, and it constantly wishes to express it’s one-of-a-kind signature, to share it with the world.
When you stray from that, by accepting some other’s idea of how you should live, you suffer. Quietly to begin with, but then it weighs and tears at your soul. It tries to tell you, if you would only listen.
And myths, they don’t tell you how to live, they teach you.
As many religions should as well, if only they wouldn’t spend all their time arguing whose belief stands over who’s. Study the messages.

Myths help. They carry in them powerful metaphors in experiencing life, yet we’ve been heavily cut off from them. So, we need to look!

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