Hollywood Disney Movies and lessons learned from them

Hollywood Disney Movies and lessons learned from them

Disney’s name has lasted for years and still stays in people’s homes because it gathers the whole family around the screen. Watching ‘Cinderella” or “Rapunzel”, few thought that these really existed and looked upon them as role-model. This real character debuted in the world of animation, being still very young due to his talent and phenomenal drawing skills. Like other creative people, he had a rather tumultuous start with all sorts of impediments, but his name managed to enter in the history, unable to be erased or forgotten by anyone. He was that professional producer and animator who gave life and color to a lot of fairy-tales well known to us, including those of the Grimm brothers and Andersen. Besides, a number of other animated characters have known their existence through the astounding skill of his hand. Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse is nothing but the figment of his overactive imagination with which has grown up generations and is still growing.

Although we are accustomed to this, the reproduction of ancient, immortal fairy tales is a great thing. Over the years, Walt Disney Studios have lived on many cartoons and are still in a continuous process of work. Although there are a lot of other options, yet the classic one is gaining a much larger audience. Besides being a fun element, these cartoons also have the quality to be useful to children because through them, they are learning a lot of interesting things. Because they are young, they are prone to absorb all the information surrounding them because everything is great and unusually interesting for their age. Cartoons offer this to the fullest. They are provided with a sufficient dose of action, new information about old, present or future times, but also about other essential things that every child of his age needs to know. Imagination is the key factor. In addition to providing knowledge, a cartoon also has the quality to stimulate the development of imagination. It is impossible not to remember “Sleeping Beauty” or “The Lion King”. Their impact on us has been strong due to the fact that they have the ability to convey in a unique way the importance of the most essential things, such as kindness, respect or friendship. Fairy tales have always taught us these things, but the cartoons come to strengthen them through a much clearer and more colorful image in our subconscious. In these stories, the child learns to be honest and kind to his fellow men, that whatever the circumstances are, the good is always the one who wins.


Apart from the hundreds of cartoons currently in existence, the producers of this studio also have films with the same educational and fun content at the same time, both for children and adolescents, but especially for the whole family, from the smallest members to the most elderly. Lately, there have been many rumors about the fact that their messages would be hidden, negative, oriented to the child’s subconscious. It is absolutely normal for today. It is not new that mankind is manipulated by various methods. As far as children are concerned, they do not have the ability to discern all of these things, but just enjoy the pleasure of being with their favorite characters. Even if a particular movie or cartoon contains such messages in itself, only a specialist may notice these things or a mature person who knows things in depth. Children, however, are always oriented towards good, they believe with all their being in those spiritual values that their parents always teach them and which are easily reproduced in their fairy tales with which they fall asleep in the evening. So a child’s behavior cannot be so much influenced by these messages, given that he has parents who give him the right education and guides him to understand things correctly.


Any story or cartoon has its morality. If we refer to a classical reproduction based on a story written by Andersen, for example, it is much easier to deduce the essential idea behind storytelling or viewing. The lessons offered are invaluable because it helps the child to better understand what he read or heard from parents’ stories. If it is told to him be good and to help his friends, he will not understand in depth, until receive a simple example that he can perceive and at the same time capture his attention and admiration. Messages transmitted through screening or writing may be diverse and often refer to some important things that every child needs to know. Being courageous, not judging people by appearances or keeping away from strangers are just some of the morals of these immortal stories.

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