15 Holiday Affirmations I Am Thankful

15 Holiday Affirmations I Am Thankful

15 Holiday Affirmations

• I am thankful for today.

• I am grateful for the joy and love that this day has to offer.

• My heart is grateful and my mind is at peace.

• I am full of positive, loving energy.

• I radiate joy, gratitude, and peace.

• Today, I will be present in every moment.

• I pledge to offer my best self today.

• I am in charge of how I feel, and I choose joy.

• I find joy in this present moment.

• I fully embrace this day as a beautiful opportunity to give and receive love.

• As I move through this day, I resolve to spread my light with me wherever I go.

• I move through this day with grace and ease.

• I have the power to make this a beautiful day.

• I effortlessly walk through this day in love and light.

• Today is a beautiful gift, and I pledge to be present and live fully in each moment.


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