Holding On To Love While Setting Yourself Free

Holding On Love Setting Yourself Free

Watch out this video to know how to move on, let go & leave your past in the past:

When you give up, you shut everyone out, no matter how true their love is for you or how gentle they are to you. Aren’t you punishing yourself and your loved ones by doing that?

Ask yourself if it’s right to let one person or situation let you shut off love altogether or you should just let that person move on while still keeping the possibility of love alive, in your heart.

Let one bad experience not make you shut yourself up. Love yourself first. This way you know what you deserve and love others with all your heart despite their flaws not for them but for yourself. Love has the power to keep pain at bay.

Let go of the toxic relationships, let them move on, and remember 7 billion people cannot be accountable for the action of one. Let the light enter your heart and don’t shut it off with darkness because someone broke it. This is what is holding on to love while setting yourself free.

Holding On To Love
Holding On To Love While Setting Yourself Free

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