Histrionic Personality Disorder: How This Type Of Narcissism Works In Women

Histrionic Personality Disorder How Type Narcissism Works Women

7. Liars

Lying comes easily to them and they never feel guilty about it.

8. Dependency

They can’t be by themselves and always need people around who can give them the attention they crave.

9. Depressed

Usually clinically depressed or experiencing periods where their mood is down for no reason.

10. Easy to manipulate

Other people can lead them by the nose if they are good at persuading.

11. Superiority complex

Thinks that they are better than everybody else and should be treated that way.

12. Exaggerating

They embellish every single tale they tell about themselves or those around them.

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13. Extroverts

High on energy in public and down when they are by themselves.

14. Abandonment issues

These might be scars left over from when they were kids or other incidents which have given them a fear of being alone.

15. Gaslighters

Manipulates people close to them into doubting themselves to the point where they begin to think they are insane.

16. Self-important

Thinks they are superior to everyone else.

17. Impetuous

Often does things on impulse without really pausing to think about the effect of their actions.

18. Not compassionate

They don’t really think about what those around them are going through.

19. Emotionally unstable

One moment they will be joyful and excited and in the next minute they’ll be sobbing and wailing.

20. Heightened sensitivity

Can’t handle being criticized even if it is constructive criticism.

21. Sexually Charged

They use seduction, flirtation, and provocation to keep the spotlight on them even if it is inappropriate for the situation.

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22. Self-saboteurs

They might be addicted to substances or act in a manner that causes others to dislike them.

23. Vain

Their looks are very important to them and they’ll try their best to ensure that others also appreciate the way they look. They’ll spend a lot on maintaining themselves.

For those who feel they may have HPD, it is important to get diagnosed as soon as possible. It is easier to work on the problem once you are aware of it.

It is important to treat these people in a compassionate manner because they don’t know that their actions are wrong.

They don’t possess the knowledge about their own selves that other people have and so it is not easy for them to cure themselves. This is why they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

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While it is hard, it is possible to be in a relationship with people who have HPD as long as both parties know that they will have an unusual time of it. Lines have to be drawn and both have to understand that there will be consequences if they are crossed. The partner without HPD will have to work on helping the one with HPD.

Professional help is always advised and there are many support groups who are doing very good work.

Be careful that you don’t actually diagnose anyone without getting them looked over by a professional because you might end up doing more harm than good.

If you want to know more about Histrionic Personality Disorder that can be found in many women, then check this video out below:

Histronic Personality Disorder How Narcissism Works In Women
Histrionic Personality Disorder How Type Narcissism Works Women Artboard Pin

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