High-Functioning Depression: 4 Signs To Watch Out For

HighFunctioning Depression

2. Bored with work

Due to heavy self-criticism, you may lose interest in your work. Instead of gaining a sense of  fulfillment, you may see your work as a burden. Just like dragging a heavy boulder against the tide. It is those grand  expectations that created a heavy boulder on your shoulders. And, the outcome is anguish and frustration that welcomes other complexities in life. 

3. Substance Abuse Problems

Mental health experts say that many substance abusers are also high-functioning depressives. It’s not a coincidence! Substance abuse and depression is like a continuous cycle. Because, depression triggers substance abuse and addiction, which in turn boosts depression.  

The plight of parents and other family members is heart-wrenching as they struggle very hard to approach a high-functioning alcohol depressive about their problem. But for a depressive,  it’s just a burnout (those pesky stereotypes…)

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Using alcohol as a means of coping with the mental health condition is common in high-functioning depressives. There is a need for healthier strategies to deal with it and overcome the mental health problem. 

4. Feelings of Wasting Time

Despite working hard and achieving goals, a high-functioning depressive may think he/she is wasting time. They want to achieve something new everyday as discussed earlier. But, end up with feelings of despair. 

Even switching jobs or taking up new hobbies may not offer them enough satisfaction or comfort. They still think they are wasting time. Little do they know that they are silently suffering from anhedonia – one of depression’s main stings.

Hopelessness sweeps into their minds to an extent that they want to commit suicide. For they think that death can bring them more appreciation.

These are few of the symptoms of high-functioning depression

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Is it treatable?

As per psychiatrists and mental health experts, the high-functioning depression is very treatable and the prognosis is good. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been found to be most effective in treating depression. Patients reported to engage in therapy and find joy in the process of self-discovery. 

Do you think you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms or do you feel you are depressed? Then consult a mental health professional without delay. The sooner the better!

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High-Functioning Depression
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High-Functioning Depression: 4 Signs To Watch Out For
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