Hiding Your Shadow

Hiding Your Shadow

Relying on the days going forward

For the deletion of those emotions

But ever since our book has been finished

Surprisingly none of them has vanished

Abstaining myself from this temptation

Of reaching your eyes is hard at inward

Sorrow keeps on giving me company

You are mostly the background of my mind

Times of joy are quick to evaporate

When memories in my head operate

Only direction I look is behind

Haunting presence as pleasant agony

Rationality as a great asset

Living depression instead of madness

Before the face of our destruction

At the same time a brain’s intentions

Can’t purged ourselves with consciousness

Tears rolling on cheeks a better offset

As I walk around, hiding your shadow

From almost anyone who’s by my side

Hoping for a desperate caress

Aware that my state would regress

Bleeding affection that must step aside

Desire of seeing green on my meadow

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