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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hide Your Phone In A Relationship

Reasons You Shouldnt Hide Your Phone In Relationship

3. Transparency.

Just like trust is important for a relationship, transparency is crucial too. It is actually one of the pillars of a happy, long-term relationship. If you are transparent with your partner and don’t hide your phone in a relationship, nothing can separate the both of you.

One more important thing about transparency is that your partner will be able to know about your needs. And this is actually good. Only when your partner is aware of your needs, they will be able to be better partners than before. It is all going to lead to a more fulfilling relationship, trust us!

4. Closer together.

Well, when there is nothing between to hide, you will obviously be far closer than before. The reason this happens is that once you hand over that phone without any inhibition or doubts, the relationship gets into an all-new phase where there are no secrets or confusion.

And even a robot can tell you that such a relationship will be a close bond between people that is sure to last forever. And it is pretty easy, you just have to show them the darn phone!

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5. Fights will reduce.

Oh! If I had a dollar for every time I have heard couples fight about not giving the phone to each other, I would be pretty rich. When you are going to give your partner the phone and dismiss all their doubts and confusion about you and form a closer bond, obviously fights will reduce.

It is a full circle and I don’t see why people will not want lesser fights in their relationship.

Here’s hoping that you will choose to give your phone instead of letting your partner’s thoughts go haywire about what you are doing while you are sitting and using that phone all day. Giving the phone might actually end up being the best thing that you did in the relationship and it is going to give you so much respect and trust. So, if not for the above reasons, give your phone to your partner for pure leverage. You can use that leverage to prove how honest and nice and trustworthy you are!

Oh, come on! Give that phone to your partner and breathe the air of trust and live happily ever after (with your partner who deeply trusts you).

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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Hide Your Phone In A Relationship
5 Reasons You Shouldn't Hide Your Phone In A Relationship
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