10 Hidden Traits Of Depression You Might Not Know About

10 Hidden Traits Of Depression You Might Not Know About
Hidden traits of depression
Hidden traits of depression

10. You have emotional difficulty in personal relationships but demonstrate significant professional success.

The vulnerability that is linked to true intimacy is hard for you. While driven to be productive and achieve, you aren’t likely to be someone who can easily relate on an intimate level. And you may have chosen a partner, who in fact, doesn’t allow vulnerability, either, or doesn’t have that capability. Your relationship will be based primarily on what you do for each other, rather than who you are for each other, with the emphasis staying on the kids, your careers and being the perfect-looking couple.

If you have anyone in your life, be it a family member or a friend, who exhibits these hidden traits of depressions, try to talk to them about it. They might not even realize themselves that they are depressed; you can help them acknowledge it and deal with it in a positive and constructive way.


If you want to know more about the hidden traits of depression, watch this video below:

Written By Margaret R Rutherford
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

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10 Hidden Traits Of Depression You Might Not Know About

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