How Many Hidden Numbers Can You Find In This Brain Teaser?


Hidden Numbers You Find This Logic Puzzle

Solving puzzles is good for the brain, as you might already know. And that is why we have brought to you this fun logic puzzle that will not just help you have fun but will also sharpen your brain in the process.

Take a look at the jumbled image below. Perhaps you see one or two, maybe even three numbers, but there are even more than that! How many numbers can you see in the image? See if you can figure it out on your own, first, but if you can’t, scroll down for the solution.

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Hidden Number Puzzle: How Many Numbers Can You Find?

How Many Hidden Numbers Can You Find In This Brain Teaser?
Hidden numbers brain teaser

Alright! How did you do? How many numbers were you able to locate? Maybe you should give yourself a little more time before you spoil it for yourself and look at the answer. Give it some more time, and you never know, you might find all the numbers all by yourself and without any help!

But if you’re ready for the solution, scroll down and find it below.

Here is the solution:

How Many Hidden Numbers Can You Find In This Brain Teaser?

Were you surprised by the solution? Ten numbers altogether! Did you find the hidden numbers on your own, or did you need to look at the answer for some of them? How many did you actually find on your own? 

Be sure to share this with your friends. Maybe they’ll be able to find all ten on their own. See how they fare by sharing one of the most interesting number puzzles there is, and let us know how it went!

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hidden number puzzle
How many hidden numbers can you find
Hidden Numbers You Find This Logic Puzzle pin

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  1. Lance Gould Avatar
    Lance Gould

    Since when is “s” a number? Look S-5.
    Clearly not the same character. Distinctly different on purpose right?

    1. Lenny Avatar

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