8 Little Known Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Relationship

Mistakes Wreck Relationship

Generally, my work suffers during a breakup. Being able to take time off is quite important to me. This means having savings. For you, it might mean having unused holiday time.

None of these things are suspicious and only no rational person should have to feel they’re betraying anything.

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What might you need in the event of a breakup?

But I knew all this already…

I did, I still neglected almost all of it and paid the price. Probably like most of you who are still in a relationship, I didn’t want to think about it ending. I wanted to be in love, to appreciate my partner and to feel wonderful. What’s the solution then?

Basically this: commit to reviewing these 8 potential mistakes at a regular interval. It’s easier if you’re in a relationship: make a note in your schedule to answer the questions in a month’s time. If like me, you no longer are, you could try and guess when you’re likely to be. I’ve made a reminder four months from now. If I’m still single, I’ll move the reminder another few months forwards.

Being in a relationship with the love of your life will be the best thing that ever happens to you. Losing that person will be the worst thing that ever happens to you.

I wrote this article so that you don’t have to go through that. Schedule a revisit to this article now, so that you don’t make the mistakes I did.

Written by David Gould
Originally appeared in The Goodmen Project
Are These 8 Hidden Mistakes Ruining Your Relationship? 
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8 Little Known Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Relationship
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