He’s Not The Sun, You Are

He’s Not The Sun, You Are

Darling girl,

Worry less about him and what his intentions are. Start worrying about you and what your aspirations are. You were destined for greatness. You were meant to live life like a goddess. Anyone who can’t see that was never meant to be in your life for certain. Season changes and people become distant. You were created to be a unique individual. Let your laughter resonate like thunder, let yourself speak words of wisdom. Don’t worry about what he’s doing. Don’t worry about how he’s feeling. Don’t worry if he’s on the other line calling. You are old enough to know who not to be with. He’s probably calling some other girl anyway, so let yourself be the one to walk away. Walk away cause you deserve better, walk away cause you know you shouldn’t even be together. Walk away now before you hurt yourself, how many more times do you wanna lie to yourself? Telling yourself that this guys the one, I know he is. This time it’s for certain, I have a feeling. A line we’ve heard from a million kids. So eager to get in relationships. Forgetting what it really means to be in a relationship. Relationships are a two way street. Fantasies can be a cold winter street. Learn to tell the difference hunny, some instances are just visions you create in a hurry. The feelings you feel are sometimes made up, by the way you thought you guys would end up. Stop jumping the gun, learn to take up and just run.

You know the kind of guy you should end up with, you know the type of guy not to hook up with. Just wait a little and you won’t end up feeling so belittled. You don’t need to be the one second guessing, who you are and who you were meant to end up with. Someone worthy will show you how they feel for real. Life is too short to be second guessing. You alone, already have the answer. People invest time on who they want to invest in, their actions will speak louder than their feelings.

So darling girl let me tell you one last thing, walk away now, walk away. You will learn to love yourself someday.

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