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15 Signs He Is Manipulating You and Not Just Being Possessive

10. He makes his efforts known.

A relationship is all about putting efforts, including the silent efforts but he lets you and everyone else know how protective and caring he is. Every time you are out with friends he keeps texting and asking them when you will be home.

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He keeps reminding you of how he did ‘this and that’ for you in the past.

11. He wants you to be with him all the time. 

Everybody needs some ‘me’ time, the time spent in solitude to recharge oneself and introspect. If he doesn’t respect your ‘me’ time and wants you to be with you always, it’s not sweet or protective, it’s manipulation. It’s time to move on.

12. Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Not only does he think that he is wiser than you and makes the best decisions, but your opinions don’t matter at all. Often you’re not even asked before making a choice or decision on your behalf.

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13. He is never satisfied, let alone pleased.

You put in efforts to make him happy but no matter what you do and how you do it, there is always something missing for him.

There is always something you could have done better. All your efforts and love, it is just never enough for him.

14. He wants to make all your decisions.

He already feels that his decisions are superior and best for you.

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Every time you go to him with a problem, he has a solution and no matter your consent he will go ahead and force his decision on you.

15. He thinks he is the only one who can make you happy.

This may sound like a good thing but do you realize that he is trying to limit your happiness to only him?

Every time someone else or something makes you happy he feels insecure and jealous. He wants to be the only thing that makes you happy and smile.

Signs He Being Manipulative
15 Signs He Is Manipulating You and Not Just Being Possessive
Signs He Manipulating You Not Just Possessive Pin
15 Signs He Is Manipulating You and Not Just Being Possessive
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