Here’s To Us

Here’s to us
Here’s to all the things that we’ve been through;
to all the good and the bad times spent together;
Here’s to nostalgia and euphoria;
to all the times that we have wasted being apart;
Here’s to all the good byes that have been uttered but have never done;
to all the fuck yous that end up to i love yous and i miss yous;
to all the fights and make ups;
Here’s to the year of loneliness and emptiness;
to all the lonely nights spent by weeping;
to all the pail of tears we have shed because of missing each other
and here’s to another year of a new hope;
Here’s to another year with you;
Here’s to you my love;
to the amazing love that shines my life;
to my ray of sunlight,
Here’s to us,
Here’s to our love;
here’s to making up to all the things that we should have done;
Here’s to the year of changes;
Here’s to healing, moving on and letting go of all the hatred in our hearts;
Here’s to forgiving ourselves for not being perfect;
Here’s to the year of second chances;
to the fulfillment of our promises;
Till death do we part.
Here’s to a brand new beginning of just you and me.

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