Here’s To 2017: A Better Year

“Christmas Eve is the Ceremonial of Gifts, of gifts that are given to explain something which the heart cannot say.” – Abbie Graham

December has come and with it all the joys of Christmas. It’s December once again and the season’s magic spell takes hold. People are looking forward to the holidays. Gift’s wrapping to express holiday spirit. Gifts under the tree. You can see inside the houses’ windows how people show off their huge and beautiful Christmas trees, glittering with colored lights and Christmas cards ornaments, pinecones and sprigs hang on it. Snow in the yard.  Turkey dinners with our love ones. Stocking hanging in the living room and shouts of “Merry Christmas” to those who pass on the streets. December, thank you for the start of playful snow walk. A luscious cup of Turkish coffee and a gulped of Georgian tea. The fragrant wood fires. Fresh air. Rosy cheeks. Flickering candlelight. Silverware clinking during patterned meals. Sips of champagne and those times that we snuggle up in a sofa with a Sauvignon Blanc wine. December… you are the most beautiful month of the year. And just like a cup filled with a delicious tea, please fill our lives with love and kindness. May all our previous failures turn into success with you, so, as we begin our lives with a new year, it may continue all throughout the coming years.

So here’s to 2017…


Please be good and kind to us. We do hope you have a little touch of eternity and love among us. Give us a piece of heaven here on earth for the coming new year and to end this year with an illumination of love, peace and hope. Let us embrace each day as hopeful romantics- to feel ourselves beloved on earth. We do hope that kindness will bring us joy as we start another new year. All we want for Christmas is peace. As we light the last candle of the year 2016, we want to leave the old desires, old heartaches, old hatred and bitterness… to move on.

As the year 2016 ends, we want clean account books and bare diaries. As we will end up with you and another three hundred sixty-five new days begins with a sense of adventure, we give you thanks for our most ‘ordinary life’ that seemed infused with grace. Let us cultivate a sacred space in this life. To make peace with our past. To make a clandestine affair with contentment. Life is too short as they said. Let us laugh out loud. Forgive our enemies. Have fun. Let us always do everything that makes us all smile.

Advance Merry Christmas And A Successful New Year to One And All!

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