Helping pick me up through the dark times

Helping pick me up through the dark times
Karthik Parthasarathy

Helping pick me up
through the dark times

Jaimie Mazzone

Finally, my shadow has shed its skin,
just in time for me to step in.
Greeting my dear old friend,
what an incredible feeling
and changes come
from embracing
a part of yourself again!

Rinku Shah

Give me your hand,
what are you doing?
Hold me tight!
We’ve all got within us the dark and light,
Time to end the fight.
There is no wrong or right…
Face your demons and keep going!

Annah Autumn

You’ve spent your whole life
waiting for someone
to come and rescue you,
make you happy, or change your life.
Then one day you realize,
that the only person
who can save you
– is you.

Sulekha Pande

Hello, shadow,
I see you,
you’re mine,
my reflection,
in the sun,
it’s the strangest phenomena,
that you belong to me,
yet, you can’t see me.

VN Bautista

Reach out to your darkness
so it can join you
into the light,
for only when
you accept its existence
that you will set it free.

Belinda Ludwig

Don’t forget
to be there
for yourself.

Ilda Coelho

Meet yourself,
accept your dark side
as a part of you.

Seth Christopher Esqueda

Sometimes you just gotta
pick yourself up

Ryan Amero

True friendship,
starts from within

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