If They Act Like

If They Act Like

If they act like they can live without you, help them do it.

24 thoughts on “If They Act Like”

  1. Sometimes it’s just more complicated because life never makes anything easy for us. So sometimes, just sometimes, the conditions make it right to just change their minds or at least try to.

  2. I guess we have to take into consideration the word “act” in the statement? Doesnt say trying to or capable of ect. In any interpretation…we should help them do it, devoid of the helper dying?

  3. Myself hehehe Lol
    Without me, i can’t live, right???
    Trying to be funny so you wiuld laugh while reading this hehehe Lol. Sounds corny??? Well, just smile or laugh, at least i tried and made the effort to put a smile on your face…
    Ofcourse! Who else??? Eh! di ikaw!!! Mr. Google oreo huggy

  4. I saw this on another page as well. Who is “they”? If this is referring to an abusive manipulator then I agree, but I read this more literally as a universal interpretation and I don’t see it as a positive message. Everyone should be capable of living on their own and being happy, but this sounds like you want to punish them for being self sufficient.

    1. No, It just… Means..
      Well as I see it… Let them go, help them on their way
      If the Don’t appreciate you
      – it’s a bit like the one :

      You’re welcome to walk through
      The Door of
      My life & your welcome to leave
      Just don’t block others from
      Are Ya Coming or Going
      Staying or Leaving
      Just Make Up Your Mind
      So You Don’t Block The Entrance

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