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There’s an abyss in your chest Where your heart once dwelled, Did you forget how to love?

Lovers lie awake at night drowning in the sea of surrender, breathing the sweet air of enchantment reveling in euphoric pleasures that only the love drug provides

Will the armour around your heart prevent you from reaching heaven it’s almost time to say goodbye?

I know this heaven well, would you put your material riches and concerns before your true wealth? I wish you luck on this empty path

I’ll pray for your wounded heart with love and light — it takes a brave man to delve into the depths of being, it takes courage to open and be vulnerable

Strength does not issue from shielding or running from everything that makes you feel unsafe

Strength is allowing love to penetrate walls and shields and work it magic knowing if you lose it you could to die

Who are you if you do not know yourself? you have limitless love inside and if you learn to express and share it heaven will open in you like a flower that never wilts or dies

We are in these human bodies to experience each other and learn to Love

With out such love ones dreams would have no meaning.

By Emica Penklis

My Mind Talk Series, A series devoted to our readers. Does your Mind do a lot of thinking too ? Do you have questions to ask ? A Poem, A question, an article or any thought that wants to be shared. Pour them here. Click the Submit button and we will publish it on our Site. Why let that thought Sink ? Let it be free Write on.. 🙂 Let the Mind Talk Begin

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