The heart that I wore as a child so true

Debra L Laing

The heart that I wore
as a child so true,
Has withered & shrunk
each year as I grew.

Evalagne Tayaotao

As we grow older,
our hearts grow colder

Manisha Shrestha

Growing in ages
As logic set in,
His heart shrunk smaller
In the rush to fit in…

Rinku Shah

Let your heart not shrink,
Take your time and think.
As you grow,
Let the love flow.
Live life king size,
A big heart is sign of the wise.
It’s a prize!

Karthik Parthasarathy

From child to adult,
as a human grows,
Lots of changes result,
Heart being key among those.
The empathy and love
that a child shows,
Stage by stage, down it goes,
Beyond a point,
there is nothing to be seen,
Just a reminder of how
it had once been.

Shambha Shivaa

Heart of a child,
So big and so pure
As we grow,
We feel less and think more.
Lets be children again,
Live in joy of love and care.
As essence of this life,
Is to give, connect and to share…

Sarrvesh Waran

The size of our hearts matters.
But as we grow, it just shatters.
Our big hearts become small.
Our smile and laughter take a fall.
By each day, it withers and wear out.
Will it stay until our last day?
It’s a doubt.

Sulekha Pande

Love made my world as a child,
my heart was large, I was mild,
as I kept growing,
I knew the ways of the world,
my heart kept shrinking,
due to the pain that was hurled

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