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My Heart Realized There Is More To Life Than Loving You

My Heart Realized There Is More To Life Than Loving You

My heart no longer wants your validation. It doesn’t think you’re the most beautiful love story it has ever lived anymore. My heart is now writing its own story; following dreams, chasing rainbows, finding new ways to breathe new life into it. My heart realized that there’s more to life than loving you, there’s more to life than waiting for you. Because my heart is not stupid as people say, my heart is not dumb and my heart is not blind. My heart is big, it falls in love, it goes after those who make it happy. My heart is forgiving and it sees the best in people but my heart also knows when to stop, when to turn around, when to leave those who no longer want it. If my heart was stupid, it would’ve still been yours.
But my heart knows better, my heart is waiting for the best and until then, my heart will always be mine and it will eventually forget how much it once loved you.

-Rania Naim


Hi there! I am someone who if given the option can read books all day, without even sleeping. I love binging on TV shows, with Game of Thrones being my favorite (duh!). Apart from that, I am passionate about writing and can write anytime and anywhere.View Author posts