Your Heart Is Aching But You Pose

Your Heart Is Aching But You Pose

Your heart is aching but you pose and smile in Instagram photos, pretending to have the time of your life. Deep down you’re hurting, trying things and nothings working but you’ve grown accustomed to acting like everything is perfect. You’re worth it, maybe you just forgot. Maybe you’re in like or in love with someone who treats you like you’re not. I just wish you could see yourself in the light but you’re used to this, being left in the dark. Standing in the middle of chaos, trying your hardest to keep it together. Clinging to that relationship that should end, still hoping for a forever. You deserve so much more and deep down you know this. Open your eyes, stand up, please focus. Understand each and every word. You are the reason I wrote this.

-r.h. Sin

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