Want A Healthy Relationship? Stop Making It “All About Him”

Want A Healthy Relationship? Stop Making It "All About Him"

Regardless of your age, social status, education, or life experience, you are interesting—you have a perspective, you have insight and an opinion, so share it. Don’t be a know-it-all; you aren’t trying to one-up, and it isn’t a competition. This is a conversation, and conversations are given and taken, reciprocal, and equal.

Bring something to the table … you!

Be interested in what he has to say. Be interesting so that he can’t help but listen to what you have to say. If he really doesn’t care about your point of view, if he blows off your contribution to the conversation, if he zones out when it’s your turn to talk … he’s not the guy for you.

What It Means To “Be Interested”:

He takes an interest in you, in what you have to say, in what you do, and in who you are as a human. Why does this matter? Because he makes you feel important, which helps to boost your self-esteem and makes you want to continue to do interesting things, and be an interesting human. It also makes you feel like you aren’t in a one-sided relationship with an egomaniac that loves to be interesting, but not-so-interested in you.

What It Means To “Be Interesting”:

He is interesting. He does mind-expanding things. He goes to eye-opening places. He has a career that you find intellectually stimulating, and you actually want to talk or inquire about it. He enjoys activities that include you, and that challenge and excite you. He has personal passions that you also find inspiring and would enjoy exploring.

Written by Laurel House Dating & Relationship Coach for Men and Women ManWhisperer.com

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Want A Healthy Relationship? Stop Making It "All About Him"
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