How a Healthy Body Helps the Mind Learn

 January 03, 2018

How a Healthy Body Helps the Mind Learn

There is a very deep relationship between health and mind. In our everyday life we often can feel the need of work and learn new things when we feel energetic and the same way when we remain exhausted and fatigued from inside, we hardly want to learn or work. We feel like idle and hardly willing to start anything or feel onerous in carrying out the existing work. Therefore, it is an inevitable formula to keep the body healthy in order to revive or activate the body cells which ultimately resulted into a fresh and rejuvenating mind that is the actual source of innovation.

Mind, body, and learning

As noted by ASCD about learning, it may prove impactful to imply an analogy to the understanding and practice of love and inclination through the course of relationships. In more detail, in a relationship, for example, the relationship with our learning intension, initially we can find ourselves very nervous, fearful and may be lost in the midst of unknown. We are totally unaware of the fact whether we ‘like’ this or not. With time, and through accumulating experience, we initiate to happen upon the more delicate aspects, and through such relations we gradually begin to share a lot of that individually.

In case of learning, we start to, quite literally, make the connections. Besides this, connections between the neurons in our brains play a crucial role in correlating mind, body and learning activities. Besides inclination towards learning, we experience a method called the synapsis. When we think we want to ‘learn’ something new, literally, the neurons of our brain start making countless new associations between each other, generating new structures over the time inside the brain. According to academic researchers at SolidEssay, this phenomenon of the brain is known as ‘brain plasticity’, more profoundly brain’s ability to pursue learning and updating its database.

Yoga for the mind, body, and school

Yoga has a deep relationship with mind and body. It is really very difficult to control over mind and keep it peaceful and calm. But with continuous practice of yoga, it is possible to rule over mind and body. One needs to concentrate and work on breath for controlling the mind. No other stream of sciences has studied up on respiration as deeply as the yoga does.

Pranayama is a very specific technique of yoga more frequently utilized to control breathing, which is the most important link between both mind and body. It helps to control the mind and stimulates the awareness without any distraction from the feelings that spontaneously assail our minds and souls. It helps to calm the mind by focusing up on one’s breathing process and finally going beyond breath. There are thousand forms of yoga, especially pranayamas, which successively can affect different parts of brain as well as the body. Some techniques are there to cool the body whereas others enhance the body temperature. Such change in temperature alters the secretion rate of the endocrinal hormones.

Considering the enormous positive impacts of the yoga, in the schools, the regular courses of yoga practice are started. Healthy living is the main thing of a healthy body and mind, which is entirely possible through regular practicing of yoga.

Learning and age

Learning is a continuous process that starts from prenatal stage and continues till senescence. At the infant stage, babies are able to understand the touch of humans and they learn how to differentiate between positive and negative touch. As a result, when babies get positive touch like affectionate touch, they become happy and when they get negative touch, they are found to scream either in dissatisfaction or pain.

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