5 health benefits of travel

Many people think of travel as a purely pleasurable activity.

However, it can work wonders for your physical, mental and emotional health too and although San Francisco’s one of the world’s most beautiful cities, taking a vacay elsewhere can positively change your perspective on life’s big challenges.

With that in mind, here are five health benefits of travel.  

1. Reduces stress

Traveling releases you from the demands of everyday life such as work and family commitments. Instead, you can focus on yourself and the activities that you want to do.  This time spent free from everyday pressures gives you a chance to reboot your body and replenish your motivation so that you can return home feeling refreshed and raring to go.

2. Keeps you fit

When you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on a vacation, you’ll want to see and do as much as possible, which means lots of traveling around. Some of this time might be on public transport but there’ll be plenty of walking too, as you explore landmarks, museums and shops. Heartline has some excellent info on the health benefits of walking which is worth checking out.

3. Increases positive emotions

In a fun new place that you’ve chosen to visit, you’re bound to feel happy. In fact, a 2014 study from Cornell University found that the anticipation alone of going on a vacation is enough to help boost your positive emotions. So if you’re feeling down, traveling is a great way to help alleviate damaging negative thoughts.

4. Boosts immune system

With so much focus on the health risks associated with traveling and the need to vaccinate, many people don’t realize that travel can help boost your immune system. This is because the exposure to different environments enables the body to create antibodies which protect against a wider range of diseases and infection.

5. Improves brain health

According to Columbia Business School’s Adam Galinsky, international travel can enhance your creativity. And it’s not surprising – just look at writers such as Ernest Hemingway, whose time in Spain and France inspired much of his work. In a new environment surrounded by strange and unfamiliar things, your brain will be booming as your senses attune and you develop new ways of looking at the world.

Start as you mean to go on

Getting off to a healthy start is vital on a travel adventure and driving to the airport is usually less stressful than using public transport.

When you’re in control of your own route, you’ll feel less antsy about reaching your flight in time. But you’ll need to stow your ride safely, so find San Francisco Airport parking on Looking4.com and take off feeling totally relaxed.

So, if you think your health could do with a boost, hop on a plane and do some traveling.

That’s our list! Share your favorite health benefits of travel in the comments section.   

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