Healing I was standing still like a strong castle


I was standing still like a strong castle,

Until they told me that I am not good enough. 

My soul has become worn, I was living in a bustle; 

No one noticed that their words were so tough. 

They told me that they love me just the way I am, 

But they kept comparing me and searching for someone better, 

Those were sleepless nights, when from myself I was trying to lam;

And I told myself, it will be okay, you’ll heal. But later. 

My dreams have become one with the earth. 

The castle I’ve been once, has turned into sand. 

I was questioning my own worth, 

Thinking when this nightmare will end. 

I was thinking, I’ll heal and my wounds will not bleed anymore.

Wrong. They’re bleeding every time, more and more.

Please, take up my burden, and help me escape. 

Save me from my thoughts until it’s too late. 

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