Sometimes, Healing Consists Of Sitting In Coffee Shops And Writing The Years From Your Mind

Sometimes, healing consists of sitting in coffee shops and writing the years from your mind. Sometimes healing is laughing until you cry, it is kissing your friends faces and being moved and inspired by your life. And sometimes, healing is rest, it is hiding from the world, it is having everything inside of you be still and quiet and eerily bare. Sometimes healing feels like nothing at all, like you are a silhouette of hope and hurt at the same time. Do not fight it. Whatever your healing looks like today, whatever it consists of — just allow it to be what it is. Just take care of yourself.”

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– Bianca Sparacino

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Paige Bartholomew is a licensed psychotherapist who holds a Master’s Degree in individual, marriage and family therapy (LMFT) from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas (License number 201969). In addition, Paige specializes in the healing of relational and developmental Trauma through her studies at both the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and the Somatic Psychotherapy Institute. She has been a devoted student of Sufism for 16 years, where she is ordained with the station of Sufi Master Teacher and Counselor by the Shadhuliyya Higher Sufi Council. She is a certified hypnotherapist, long-time spiritual healer, student of A Course In Miracles, shamanic journey guide, energy healer, , intuitive channel and passionate writer about consciousness and existential issues. Paige's gift is in helping Awakening Ones remember who they truly are and what they came here for. It is her highest honor to help you shift from pain and confusion into comfort and peace.
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