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8 Important Truths You Need To Discover As An Empath

Truths Need To Discover As Empath

Empathy is the ability to look beyond the superficial façade of what a person says and does, understand their situation, and understand their behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and values. Having empathy is about understanding people, and in the words of empathy revolutionary Roman Krznaric, it is about taking an “imaginative leap into the shoes of another.”

Empathy is very much an intellectual and emotional experience combined, whereas being an empath is a kinaesthetic, physical, and emotional experience. Yes, you might be able to share the feelings of another, but that does not necessarily mean that you understand the other person on a level deeper than emotions. Realizing that being an empath does not equal empathy helped me to grow immensely as a person.

6. Shielding is not an useful technique.

As a temporary technique, shielding can be helpful, but it is not a long-term solution. I’ve written about shielding to “protect” yourself before and how it uses the language of victimhood which is counterproductive to becoming a healed empath.

Shielding is essentially about resisting ether people’s energy and resistance only serves to continue the cycles of fear and pain within. Rather than fighting, open yourself. Allow yourself to experience the emotions, but also let them pass by not adopting them as yours. This takes time and practice. But non-attachment is a much better long-term solution.

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7. Catharsis and body-mindfulness = Useful techniques.

As an empath, it is so important that you incorporate some consistent form of catharsis into your everyday routine to rid yourself of the stuffy energy you might be harboring. Favored forms of catharsis among empaths include journaling/writing, meditation, walking, and jogging. Other forms of catharsis include singing, dancing, screaming (privately), laughing, and crying.

It is also extremely beneficial as an empath to teach yourself how to get in touch with your body – I call this “body-mindfulness” or “somatic mindfulness.” Basically, learning to be in touch with your body is an excellent way of anchoring and grounding yourself in the present moment rather than getting lost in the flood of emotions and sensations that come your way.

Body-mindfulness is also a good way of learning to listen to your needs, as well as nurturing and taking care of yourself. I wrote more about how to practice this form of mindfulness here.

8. Everyone has the potential to be an empath.

… not just you and not just a select group of people. It is undeniable that empaths have beautiful and even at times supernatural gifts, but the real beauty is that these gifts are not just limited to an elite group of people.

I believe that this kind of sensitivity is our natural state of being, but through our cultural conditioning, upbringings, dogmatic beliefs, and mass desensitization we have lost touch with the authentic state of humanity which involves being finely tuned to each other. I’ve explored this topic more in-depth here.

Originally appeared on Lonerwolf

Written by Aletheia Luna

Being an empath is not always as easy and light, like most people tend to believe. The more you progress in life, you discover new truths as an empath. And honestly, these truth can help you protect yourself, and focus on your happiness and peace of mind. After all, every empath deserves all the things that they help others with.

If you want to know more important truths to discover as an empath, then check this video out below:

8 Important Truths To Discover As An Empath
Truths Need To Discover As Empath Pin
8 Important Truths You Need To Discover As An Empath
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