How To Heal Your Gut: Habits That Improve Your Gut Health

How To Heal Your Gut: Habits That Improve Your Gut Health


4. Workout

Regular exercise can help a great deal to promote a wide range of gut microbiota. According to studies, after around 6 weeks of regular exercise, with 30 to 40 minutes of cardiovascular training 3 days a week, people tend to experience a noticeable boost in gut microbes. It helps in the formation of short-chain fatty acids that lowers the risk of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and inflammatory diseases. However, your gut microbiomes will get back to how they were if you stop exercising.


5. Eat mindfully

Whenever you are eating a meal, make sure your mind is calm and you chew properly. Mindful eating can help with overall well being and help your gut to digest food easily. It is best to eat when your body is at rest. Moreover, you should take around 20 chews per bite. When you eat on the go, your body primarily focuses on diverting energy to various bodily functions and away from digestion.


6. Avoid alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can be unhealthy for your gut as it will kill good bacteria and completely alter the pattern of your digestion. However, when you drink red wine in moderation and in small doses, it can help to boost good bacteria in your gut. Moreover, it also promotes a healthy gut and reduces the amount of harmful bacteria.


7. Consume a variety of foods

Eating different types of food can help you develop a healthy gut with a flourishing & diverse flora in your gut. Eating foods like  whole grains, vegetables and fruits can be a great idea as different foods comprise of different nutrients that aid in bacteria growth. A diverse diet encourages growth of a variety of bacteria in your gut.


Signs your gut is healing

Once you put in the effort, give the commitment and follow these strategies, your gut will become a lot healthier and function optimally. But how can you know if your gut is actually healing? Although there are some lab tests that you can do to diagnose leaky gut, there are some basic and simple symptoms that can give you a clear idea if your gut is healthy or not.

Here are a few signs that your gut is healing and that you are doing it right:


1. No more digestive problems

As your gut starts to heal some of the common signs of a leaky gut like constipation, acid reflux, heartburn, bloating and gas start to disappear. Although a lack of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have a leaky gut, it is still a good sign that your gut is healing.


2. Skin gets better

Skin issues like acne, rashes, eczema, dandruff and rosacea, are one of the most common symptoms of an unhealthy gut. When these outward manifestations of internal issues in the start to clear up, it means your gut is repairing.


3. Food sensitivities disappear

When you can consume food that previously led to digestive problems, mood issues, headaches and fatigue, it means your gut is healing. It is important that you keep eating healthy food and consume a wide variety of food items. This will help you keep your gut repaired in the long run.


4. You feel better

When you are generally healthy and your body is working efficiently then it is an indication of a healthy gut. You will feel energetic and experience a good dose of stamina & vitality. You will also have a lot more mental clarity with a better mood. Moreover, your weight will also become ideal.


5. Autoimmune results get better

Your immune system is greatly influenced by the health of your gut. When your gut starts to heal, you will see a drastic improvement in your autoimmune lab results.


A healthy gut is the key

“Gut health is the key to overall health.” – Kris Carr

Just like every other vital organ, the health of your gut is crucial for your physical and mental health and overall well being. As you start healing your gut, you will experience a lot of changes and see signs of improvement during the process. It’s okay if you have some setbacks as long as you get right back on track as soon as you can.

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