How to Heal Your Inner Child That Is Blocking You For Love

How to Heal Your Inner Child That Is Blocking You For Love

Feeling uncomfortable on earth – Incarnate in this body with love

It can also feel like ‘ You do not belong on earth’. That sounds very ‘deep’. It is not. Your inner child, but also your soul can have ‘ had enough’  trauma and pain, just with dealing with the pain in the world, love pain, illness, death and traumas from past lives. Know that we all have incarnated more than this lifetime. How does your soul felt, when it was put in jail in the middle ages, raped, murdered, hanged, or beaten with stones, hanged on a cross, or burned as a wise woman (witch). The soul remembers this as trauma on planet earth. Why coming back, when you got killed or hanged anyways? It sounds funny, but this is the truth. The duality and ego on earth, has caused us all ‘ trauma’. We left earth, after this trauma, and many souls walk this earth ‘ Unhealed’, and ‘Not whole’. We have not closed and ended these horrible past lives. Many healers at this moment, are ‘wounded healers’. We have helped people and the earth, for so many lifetimes as priests, healers, helpers, and many times we were put in prison, burned and hanged. Only just because you were wise, light, a genius they did not understand, or different from the tribe you were born at. The soul remembers trauma, and the more you got incarnated, the more you remember more pain. Remembering that you had all this pain, can release the emotion. You are able to ground and love Mother Earth again, by sending light to all these past life trauma’s. Say to yourself ‘ I live in a new lifetime now, and in this lifetime I will incarnate in the Here- and Now. I ask my soul to fully incarnate in this body, in this year (name year of the day you do this). And I give myself permission to fully live in this body- in this life, fully healed – and Only in light, from now on. I am not scared anymore- Today my life begins, and I am fully aware and loved.’

Practice mood boards, but also ‘feed’ the inner child with things we all should do as grown-ups. Every day there is something to ‘play’ with, laugh at, feel young with. We can all watch cartoons, play computer games, or feel innocent like a little child is, no matter how much pain you had in this life. Do it NOW. It’s Fun, fun, fun…- Let the Healing start Now.

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How to Heal your inner child that can block you for love and opening up in relationship
How to Heal Your Inner Child That Is Blocking You For Love
How to Heal Your Inner Child That Is Blocking You For Love
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