How to Heal Your Inner Child That Is Blocking You For Love

How to Heal Your Inner Child That Is Blocking You For Love

Inner Child practices and meditations

This is an example, I made myself, for my own inner child:
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Today I have been wandering in the forest, seeing through the eyes of a small child.
My own inner child. Where would she like to be? What does she want to see? Where does she want to go?

What makes her happy in the present AND the future? What are her dreams? What are her hopes? Where do ‘ my feet’ need to walk, to make us both happy? We – as in Me and My inner child- saw a beautiful mansion, a big tree for ‘grounding’, and a signpost pointing at two different directions: our daily ‘free choice’. We saw an ‘open road’ full of freshness and oxygen and growth! These are symbols for new choices. You can do the same!

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I made a collage, with my vintage red shoes from the seventies, it displays where ‘ she’ would like to walk and exist…’- Leda


Another Inner Child practice

For example, Make a colorful mood board (use big paper sheets with colors, glitters, and hearts). Craft a child that’s supposed to be YOU. Put on all things that make you happy and make you feel safe. So cut out hearts, food, bears, everything you like from magazines and make a happy, loved, warm, childhood collage. A mood board depicting who you truly wanted to be as a child, or visualizations what the small child is doing in her room that totally makes him/her happy. What can you give to make it feel safe? A new room? Do you need to lay her asleep? Do you need to give it a certain toy? Or does it want to be held in your arms and cry? Does she need to hear certain words like ‘ it is safe’, ‘ you are loved’, and ‘ I take care of you, always, and I always love you no matter how you look, feel or what you undertake in life’. When is it smiling again and calm? After this feels good- Place the little him/her in your heart. And this is the space she/he will always be, so be sure to check it often, because most panic attacks or unsafety you feel as a grown-up, has often to do with the little child that has fears and pain, and doesn’t feel safe with the grown-up world- Or lovers.

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