He Can Be Your Dream Guy

 January 21, 2017

He can be your number one fan in all that you achieve, your avid supporter in every goal you set your mind into, your best friend who stays by your side on the days you feel low, and your lover who lands kisses on your cheeks when you need soothing. A guy like him can cheer you up and won’t feel ashamed for doing so.

He can be your dream guy, not a leading character out of a movie, but someone that’s a scarcity nowadays. He can be your dream guy, not a Disney prince, but someone who won’t be the reason for the holes in your heart. He can be your dream guy, not a cover boy from a magazine, but someone who’s going to still melt my heart up to your white hair days.

He can be your dream guy, who looks like a bad boy sometimes to others; who appears to be an ordinary guy that doesn’t immediately stand out in a crowded area; who doesn’t have thousands of followers on social media; but someone who will always look at you as if you are the best gift he has ever won.


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