He liked her with long hair

He liked her with long hair

He liked her with long hair so she cut it short.

37 thoughts on “He liked her with long hair”

  1. Thats the point i hate about people who get dumped by others.

    Then cut their hairs, they change their habits and create a new lifestyle. I’m asking why…

    We loved them and gave them everything we have… its not your fault, not your love’s fault. I’mnot being philosophical here bcoz i know how much it hurts.

    But never ever change yourself for their selfishness. Always believe in love because know its real, because u loved truly.. and no matter how many times people let you down, promise me that u will love with your whole heart every single time.

    Let it bleed, let it go

  2. He should Like her for who she IS. She is the same beautiful soul. Her feelings for him must have been deeper for him and with that statement if he said that to her. She had to put her heart at ease so she cut her hair short to say I’M THE SAME PERSON. ” How you like Now ” If he was the man for her, it shouldn’t MATTER. hair grows back.

  3. Maybe short because she has finally decided to get away from him and his memories…Maybe, she is about to change her life …i did it once ..but i don’t dare , not this time …

  4. why? I should look average, cut off my hair, alter a life-long look to spite someone? I don’t think so. I’ve earned every strand of it, and the gray streaks are fashionable. No way.

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