16 Signs A House Is Truly Haunted And What To Do About It

16 Signs A House Is Truly Haunted And What To Do About It

3. Look for logical explanations

Once you have started maintaining a journal and recording paranormal phenomena on camera and audio recorders, analyze all the evidence and try to find out if the event can be explained logically.

In most cases, you will find there’s a practical and scientific reason for what you might have believed demonic activity. Weird things happen all around us regularly but when the activity is confined to a singular location we start believing something strange is happening.

When you start investigating the events with an open mind, you will start seeing the occurrences from a whole new perspective.

As we are usually afraid of things we don’t understand, our mind starts making up stories to protect ourselves from impending threats and dangers. When you start explaining the unexplainable that fear starts fading and you start realizing how normal the event was. Cases of true hauntings and people being harmed by spirits are exceptionally rare.

As I mentioned earlier, electromagnetic fields have been found to be unusually high in haunted places. Another way to see this is haunted places have high electromagnetic fields or EMFs and this is not necessarily due to the spirits. It has been found that fluctuations in EMF can affect our mind and may result in hallucinations, nightmares and scopaesthesia, and other extrasensory experiences.

Electromagnetic fields may vary for different reasons and it’s not always due to a ghost. Moreover, leaking carbon monoxide inside a house can also cause you to hallucinate, hear strange sounds and feel sad and depressed.

If you look carefully, in most cases you will find a logical reason for the events taking place in your house. In case things are still unexplainable and you feel there’s something to be afraid of, then you need to make a decision.

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4. Make a choice

Once you become sure that there is something supernatural going on in your house, you need to decide what you want to do next. Do you want to live with a ghost in your house? Do you want to move out? Or do you want to get rid of the spirits? Although it can be terrifying to think about living in a house that’s haunted by dead people or even demonic entities, you’d be surprised at how many people choose to co-exist with spirits. Why? Because most spirits are not evil or vindictive.

Some are just stuck here unable to move while others just want to keep doing what they did when they were alive, taking care of their families. In this case, your family. However, you do need to set some ground rules and boundaries if you plan on sharing your house with unwanted guests, even if reluctantly.

No matter what you choose to do, make sure you are not afraid of whatever is going on in the house. If you are facing an evil entity then it will feed off your fear. However, most spirits are not entirely good or bad. And there is no real reason for you to be scared even if you are experiencing a haunting unless you experienced physical assault.

5. Talk to the spirits

If you decide to live with ghosts in your house, then it can be a good idea to have a direct conversation with the spirit according to many paranormal researchers and psychic mediums. Be firm in your statement with the spirits and set your boundaries. However, make sure you are not aggressive in your tone or behavior. Talk to the entity in your house and voice your intentions. It is possible to live peacefully in a house you think is haunted.

However, if you want the presence to leave, then you can be assertive and ask them to leave in a non-aggressive manner. It can also be a good idea to speak with the name of God or whatever you have faith in. It could be Christianity or any other religion you follow and believe in.

Or it can be your own self-belief. Use that energy of your faith while speaking with the presence as it will make the conversation more powerful. This will also help you feel less scared and help you feel that you are in control of your house once again.

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