16 Signs Your House Is Truly Haunted & What To Do About It

16 Signs Your House Is Truly Haunted & What To Do About It

4. Flickering lights

Researchers have found that electromagnetic fields are usually stronger in reportedly haunted places which result in unusual fluctuations. I am not sure if that’s related, but if you are experiencing a haunting then your lights will frequently turn on and off by themselves. Moreover, other electronic devices like TV, smartphones and gadgets may also malfunction repeatedly. However, this could also occur due to electrical disturbances. So it’s best to call a technician and verify it.

5. Doors & cabinets slamming shut or opening

Although you may not see them happen with your own eyes, you may hear a door or cabinet or cupboard opening or closing in the other room. Or may come into a room finding a door or drawer or cabinet open or closed when you distinctly remember doing the exact opposite. You may also find furniture like chairs moved from their original place.

6. Things disappearing 

The Disappearing Object Phenomenon (DOP) is very common in cases of hauntings. Regularly used items like car keys will disappear all of a sudden and will reappear seemingly out of nowhere. Once they disappear, you may look all over the house without success and just when you have given up hope or forgotten about it, you will find it exactly where you left it originally.

7. Shadow figures & orbs

You will see shadows moving momentarily out of the corner of your eye. Most of the times these shadows will resemble a human form although they may take any other shape and size. You may also see small orbs of light floating in the room. Paranormal researchers believe orbs are a form of ghostly manifestation.

“I have marked in traveling how lonely houses change their expression as you come near, pass, and leave them. Some frown, others smile. The Bible buildings had life of their own and human diseases; the priests cursed or blessed them as men.” – Emma Frances Dawson

8. Change in personality 

Not all signs of a haunting are supernatural in nature. Some can be psychological. If you or any of your family members suddenly start acting strange with frequent mood swings exhibiting a completely different personality then it might be a sign of a ghost or demonic possession. The personality change in the person will be very distinct and noticeable.

Some other common signs experienced by people who believe their house is haunted include:

  • Unexplained feelings of dread and foreboding
  • Change in family dynamics with excessive stress, anxiety and negativity in the family
  • Unexpectedly waking up between 3 am and 4 am and being afraid for no reason 
  • Feeling an inexplicable and sudden change in temperature
  • Sudden financial problems in the household
  • Unexplained abnormal smells like rotten food, smoke, perfume, stench of decay
  • Feeling sadness or grief in particular areas or rooms inside your house

Apart from these common signs of a haunted house, there are some stronger signs which can be considered as evidence that your house is haunted. These extreme signs of a haunted house include:

9. Feeling an invisible touch

Feelings of being touched by something you can’t see can be unnerving. You may feel someone breathing on your shoulder, someone lightly stroking your hair, a cold invisible hand touching you gently, something brushing past your skin or a light nudge, push or poke.

10. Seeing psychokinetic activities

Hearing doors close and finding furniture has moved can be alarming. But when you actually start seeing these things happen with your own eyes and you can’t find any rational explanation, then you can be sure of a haunting. If you see things moving on their own or light switch turning off and on by itself or even feel ‘someone’ sitting on the bed beside you then it can be considered as proof that something paranormal is happening.

11. Hearing whispers & cries

You start hearing someone whispering or crying outside your room, especially at night. You may also hear these whispers or muffled voices brushing past your ear. Sometimes you may hear strange music coming from nowhere or someone calling you by your name. If some other member of your family, apart from you, has also experienced this, then you can be sure of a haunting.

12. Poltergeist activity

Although it’s exceptionally rare in real life, severe activities like the poltergeist phenomena can be solid proof of a haunting. Extreme psychokinetic phenomena like levitating items, glasses or plates sliding off the table, photo frames or home decor flying off walls, furniture sliding across the floor or other moving objects are considered as poltergeist activities.

13. Cold spots

Variations in temperature, especially noticeable cold spots at specific places, are considered as solid evidence by most researchers.

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