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5 Reasons Why You Hate People According To Psychology

Psychologist Brad Reedy explains “If we find part of ourselves unacceptable, we tend to attack others in order to defend against the threat. If we are okay with ourselves, we see others’ behaviors as ‘about them’ and can respond with compassion.” He further says “If I kept hate in my heart for (another), I would have to hate myself as well. It is only when we learn to hold ourselves with compassion that we may be able to demonstrate it toward others.

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Apart from these there may be some other reasons why you may hate everyone based on the psychology of hate. Some of the additional reasons include:

  • You may find certain types of behavior and habits of people irritating
  • You are not interested in dealing with things that are not worthy of your time and energy
  • You are not really interested in meeting new people or making new friends and acquaintances
  • You have trust issues when it comes to relying on others
  • You believe in putting yourself and your interests first before anyone else
  • You lack inner peace and self love
  • You feel constantly stressed which makes you less tolerant & forgiving
  • You are not satisfied with your professional and personal life

Coping with difficult emotions

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Compassion is the true antidote to hatred, believes licensed psychotherapist Allison Abrams. In her article, Allison explains that hatred has to be learned, while compassion comes from within. As it is evident from the psychology of hate, there are a number of reasons why you may hate the whole world. But it is only with self-awareness, compassion and empathy you can start healing your complex emotions.

Psychologist and author Bernard Golden says “We are all born with the capacity for aggression as well as compassion. Which tendencies we embrace requires mindful choice by individuals, families, communities and our culture in general. The key to overcoming hate is education: at home, in schools, and in the community.

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Practicing mindfulness and stress relief strategies like meditation can enable you to realize when you begin to impose a negative attitude on other people. Once you identify the moment your attitude is turning negative, you can decide to be more compassionate. Being intentional in your thoughts, behaviors and actions can help you overcome this negative cycle of hatred.

Choose love over hate

Remember how love and hatred are closely linked? Once you become self aware and start living more intentionally, you can choose to convert your hatred into love. No, it’s still not necessary that you love everyone you meet, but it’s also not necessary that you hate everyone either. You need to remember that you are always in control.

Ladan Nikravan Hayes concludes “You should never let someone else limit your happiness or success. Remember that you have control over your feelings. Don’t let someone gain power over you just because they momentarily darken your day.

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The Psychology of People Who “Hate People”

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