Tonight Is The Harvest Full Moon – Prepare For A Major Energy Shift

Tonight Is The Harvest Full Moon - Prepare For A Major Energy Shift

General Predictions for the Harvest Full Moon:

The last Full Moon before the Autumn Equinox (for the Northern Hemisphere or the Spring Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere) happens in the Water sign of Pisces and brings enough magic and more than enough energies.

The retrograde Neptune is energized through a conjunction with the Moon. The retrograde Pluto in Capricorn is energized through a hexagon with the Moon. Mercury has turned direct. Saturn and Jupiter bless us with their hexagonMercury and Mars are in conjunction. Venus from Leo interacts with both the great teachers. Sun opposes both Moon and Neptune. The retrograde Uranus from Aries is in a triangle with Mercury. In short, all planets are very active. Even Chiron will be energized as the day proceeds by the Moon. Expect the unexpected and create miracles. Everything is possible. Even more so, as the reign of the middle Elements is raising.

A change is coming. It has started. And it will manifest itself. We’ll see its full impact by Halloween or, in some cases, even by the Winter Solstice. But it starts now, and it is much too obvious for most of us.

Predictions for Aries:

Yourself demands your attention. All problems and issues from within surface and demand that you’ll take care of them. You need to find time alone with yourself. You need to reschedule, probably, everything in order to achieve this goal. But you need to do it. In the long run, you should find a way to focus on yourself as much as on everything else, but right now, yourself is your priority. Meditate. Talk with yourself. Find what bothers you and heal it, correct it or change it. Build a strong internal foundation and a strong inner ally. This alliance will give you the needed strength to deal with whatever comes your way in the future successfully, or as painlessly as possible. Depression and a tendency to absolutely isolate yourself are the traps you should avoid. Ask the help of a specialist, if you can’t take care of everything by yourself, but don’t give in to the problems. They aren’t as strong as you are.

Predictions for Taurus:

The World calls upon you. This can manifest in every possible way. Friends demand to see you, spouses or lovers demands your attention. New people entering your life wanting your presence in theirs to be great. Individuals or organisations ask for your help. You find out that helping others and offering to others brings you true joy. You feel important. Even more, you feel that you matter. I indeed you are important and you do matter. It’s just that now you feel so. This is a good thing. What you must be careful about is not to lose yourself and your own time in the procedure. Your thoughts, your hobbies, or whatever else brings you joy is also important and you have to make room for those things as well. The world needs you. You have to be you in order to be able to offer yourself to the world. Offer yourself. Don’t sacrifice yourself.

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Written by Magical Recipes Online

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