4 Behaviors The Media Tells Us Are Romantic, But Are Actually Harmful

Behaviors Media Tells Us Romantic Harmful

Myth #3: Constant arguments are a sign of chemistry.

Another misconception instilled by media is that the most romantic couples are the ones who fight, break up, and then get back together only to repeat the entire cycle again.

While this high intensity roller coaster ride might look like a sign of a passion filled love affair but it is actually not healthy.

I am not stating that healthy couples have zero arguments; every couple has their share of disagreements and arguments. But if any relationship involves constant conflicts that get abusive to the point that the partners end up breaking up, again and again, it is a sign that the relationship is toxic.

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Myth #4: You and your partner hurt each other the most because you are closest to each other.

This is another common myth that if your partner is hurting you, it is because they are passionately in love with you. Saying hurtful things and getting violent is a sign of abuse and not love.

Hurt and violence are intense emotions, of course, but they do not equate to genuine love. In fact, genuine love is the exact opposite of hurt and violence. If someone really loves you, he would be gentle with you and exercise self-restraint even while arguing with you.

The media’s false portrayals of romantic relationships through various platforms often make it difficult for partners in real-life relationships to manage the inconsistencies in the bond. And the more they propagate these harmful relationship behaviors, the more damage they are causing.

4 Harmful Relationship Behaviours That the Media Tells Us Are Romantic
Harmful relationship behaviors
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