Hard Times

Hard Times

Hard times will reveal who truly has your back.

Hard times will show you who spoke lies and never looked back to see if you were indeed okay, in the midst of your downfall or turmoil.

Hard times will make you ask yourself why did I allow these kinds of folks into my life, anyhow? (SMH)

Hard times are the chance for us to fix ourselves and move forward to live the life we can have.

Hard times are something that no one likes to go through, but those days will make us see who people really are, and the reason we have to remove them once and for all.

Hard times, I must thank you for giving me a wake-up call because I know now who never left my side, while I had to face you once again like never before.

Hard Times, I can say, “bye”,

Because I give my mind, spirit, and soul to people who deserve positive energy and to be in my personal space this day forward;

Those who steadily lift me up and tell me the truth no matter what.


Hard times.

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