Happyness Oops Happiness!!!

Happyness Oops Happiness!!!

Happiness! Its not just a word, its a feeling full of immense pleasure whose definition varies from person to person. It may be Dad’s care, Mom’s love, Elder’s advice or a Child’s smile. I always had a thought that what chanaged us? Why we as young and vibrant adults seem less happy than the kids?

 And the only answer I could find was our habit of finding reasons and making judgements. As a child we never used to go behind the reasons to be happy, we were happy because we knew that, its the easiest thing in this world full of chaos. 

As we grew up we ran behind reasons and eventually gave the key to happiness in someone else’s hands. The oversight was assuming the person will sustain our happiness. I through all my life yet, realised that never do that! You lose your significance right there. Happiness can’t be given to you by anyone, if it is so then it could be easily snatched away from, because the right of it lies in the giver’s hands. If you continue doing this then you’ll continue getting hurt by everyone you meet because in this world people fervently works on the basis of their priority. You can’t expect them to treat you the way, you treat them. They may be your first priority but you might not. Although, never blame the person for it because being judgemental makes you harsh and remember that you own no one. 

Find your happiness in the way you see the world not in they way the world sees you!

Just as there is a difference between Inspiration( comes from within) and Motivation( needs someone to engrave good vibes in your life), the same is the difference between Happiness and Happyness!
So when next time you meet people do reminisce the thought that, the spelling of “Happiness” itself has “I” in it, and I won’t let you to change it to “Happyness”and make “You” a reason for it,because only I have the right to endure my happiness!

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