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Happy Valentine’s Day

She was unaware of Cupid knocking at her door. She was unaware of paradise waiting at her door. She was unaware of her soul waiting at her door.

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She looked beyond all to welcome the stranger and that’s when LOVE struck.

I gave her love, She gave me Compassion
I gave her love, She gave me Loyalty
I gave her love, She gave me Respect
I gave her love, She gave me Honesty
I gave her love, She gave me Purity

On the day of Valentine, I told her you made my LOVE bloom into many beautiful flowers that you were giving each day. How can I even put them in a bouquet to give today, they are countless, they are in millions.

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But I do have to gift you today as today is VALENTINE’S DAY. I gift you the Completeness that I never felt before.

Wishing that everyone’s life is full of Completeness with their Valentine…

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